“Untot,” carries some interesting elements. A soaring guitar introduction, synth keys and then comes the barrage. Keeping things upbeat and hopeful. “Hey Christina,” slows things down, gets reflective and makes the listener consider things. “Lass Es Raus,” a rocker, raucous and filled with energy. “Argenteum Astrum,” huge and it knows it. Filled with trust and defiance. “Tod Im,” slower number, filled with hope and also possible optimism. “Hau Ab,” paces things with a frenzy and keeps the listener hooked from the get go.  “Wer Bist Du,” another sonic overhaul.

“Ascheregen,” drives things forward, and produces some fascinating work with the vocals and the guitars. “Schnell,” an interesting journey through the stratosphere and beyond. “Verfolgung,” a rocker with brutal characteristics. “Depressiver Klon,” moves with pace and grace and ensures there is some movement. “Rockgott,” a symphonic masterpiece some might say. “Ich Bin Nicht,” another carouser.